About Ozark Fire Kettles

Gramps was a dairy farmer and everything was fixed on the farm with either a torch or an old tombstone Lincoln.  My Mom’s Dad ran a welding and heat treat shop during WW2 and then semi-retired to farming.  My Dad was a welder and an electrician.  I guess working with your hands runs in the family?

Me, I went to school for fine art.  I started out in graphic design for my day job, but somehow ended up in IT?  I moved back to Mid-Mo to live in the country and to have some more space.  I have a little workshop I can tinker in now.  Lucky me I still commute to the city for work.  Evenings and weekends I sneak out there to work out the stress from the week.  There’s nothing better than banging on a piece of metal to relieve the days frustrations  🙂

I’d been dragging around an old school bus split rim for years camping, but wanted something bigger. We tried an old tractor rim for a fire ring but it rusted out in a couple of years.  That started it all . . . and a while later the Redneck Fire Kettle was born.